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Natural Playgrounds

A natural playground is a play environment that consists of elements and textures from the earth such as tree logs, tree stumps, boulders, plants, drainage paths and have natural products used for the protective surfacing.


Parks &


A playground  is a area used for outdoor play or recreation, especially by children, and often containing recreational equipment such as slides and swings.


Fitness Parks

Outdoor fitness parks have equipment used for aerobic exercise, strength building, balance, and core development. 

Drawing Review

Drawing Review

  • Drawing review is to assess the proposed design using the criteria set out in CSA Z614:20 such as hazard criteria of clause 12, the surfacing requirements of clause 10, the layout and zone requirements of clause 14 and the accessibility requirements of Annex H of CSA Z614:20.

Audit & Inspection Services

Audit & Inspection Services
  • Physical location within property

  • Comments on access pathways, furniture, fencing, lighting, visual surveillance issues, vandalism, etc. proximity of play site to surrounding landmarks

  • Age appropriateness of play equipment

  • Manufacturer and age (if known) and documentation of pertinent information and required labeling information.

  • Analysis of play equipment, play surfaces, protective surfacing zones and no-encroachment zones for compliance to CAN/CSA-Z614

  • Documentation of structural safety concerns and of other safety concerns

  • Recommendations for repair, retrofit, removal/replacement of equipment

  • Hazard Notification provided for components deemed unsafe, if required

Collection of Protectiv Surfacing Data

Collection of Protective Surfacing Data

  • Protective Surfacing area and type with minimum and maximum depths

  • Protective Surfacing surface condition analysis including compaction, hard-pan, contamination, exposed concrete/steel stringers, submerged concrete/steel stringers, adequate drainage

  • Critical fall heights determined and assigned based on configuration of the existing equipment

  • Protective Surfacing containment, including type and condition

  • Field impact attenuation testing of Protective Surfacing performed using a Triax 2015 Portable Surface Impact Tester.

Immediate Safety Concerns & Comments/ Recommendation Summaries

  • Highlighting site findings included with each playground inspection/audit report.

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